Name  Time Supervisor Research Title
Nora Salah M Atallah


09.00-09.20 Dr. Mowafa Househ


The prevalence and usage of M-Health Apps among mental health patients in Saudi Arabia.


Hamidi Modhi K Alonezi


09.20-09.40 Dr. Mowafa Househ The Impact of Social Media Supportive Group for Smoking Relapse Prevention in Saudi Arabia.
Rasha Saad A Alhazzaa


09.40-10.00 Dr.Mohammad Imran Predicting Risk of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Using Ontology.
Ohoud Ahmed A Almadani


10.00-10.20 Dr. Riyad Alshammari Prediction of Acute Ischemic Stroke Using Data Mining.
Ghadah Abdulrahman M Alnasser


10.20-10.40 Dr. Riyad Alshammari Prediction of Epilepsy seizure based on data mining technique.
Ahlam Mohammed O Alduhaish 10.40-11.00 Dr. Riyad Alshammari Predicting Atherosclerosis Occurrence and its Progression Using Data Mining
Horeya Abdulrahman S Gashgari


11.00-11.20 Dr.Mohammad Imran Ontology Based Prediction of the Risk Factor for Obstructive Sleep Apnea.
Manal Mohammed A Alghamdi


11.20-11.40 Dr. Sherif Sakr Cardiorespiratory fitness and incident diabetes: the FIT (Henry Ford exercise testing) Project: A Data Mining Study.
Abdulaziz Abdulmohsen M Algnawi


11.40-12.00 DR. Abdullah Alanazi Computer-Based Provider Order Entry (CPOE) Implementation in cardiac Intensive Care Units (ICUs) at king Abdulaziz Medical City.
Hanan Bakheet Murdhi Aldosari


13.00-13.20 Dr.Khulud Kadi Exploring the Impact of Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) On End Users from an End User Perspective.
Sarah Yousef O Alsammahy


13.20-13.40 Dr. Fadi AlBuhairan eHealth Project Management Practices in Saudi Governmental Healthcare Organizations – Customized Framework.
Saad Salah S Alotaibi


13.40-14.00 Dr. Fadi AlBuhairan Benefits and Challenges in implementation of Telemedicine in Riyadh City of Saudi Arabia
Faiz Abdullah S Al Garni


14.00-14.20 Dr.Abdullah AlAnzi Impact of computerized provider entry ( CPOE ) on physicians and nurses healthcare speciality centre primary healthcare ( HCSC PHC )
Yousif Mohammed S Alanazi


14.20-14.40 Dr.Abdullah AlAnzi The Barriers and challenges of PHR adoption in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Eman Mohammed R Alkhaibari


14.40 -15.00 Dr.Abdullah AlAnzi International Classification of Disease (ICD) in Saudi Arabia: Evaluation and Recommendations for Improvement.
Bandar Ali S Alhader 15.00-15.20 Dr. Abdullah Alanizi Impact of Telemedicine on Patients Satisfactions and the Attained cost-saving
ABDULLAH HAMOUD M ALOTAIBI 15.20-15.40 Dr.Abdullah AlAnzi Introducing CPOE in clinical settings: asses implication, a qualitative study